MSc by Research in AI and Robotics

MSc by Research in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems

The Cognitive Robotics Laboratory at Oxford Brookes University is seeking to raise the next generation of innovators in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS). Advancements in AI and RAS technology are recognised as being critical to the growth of the UK economy (Eight Great Technologies) and are at the heart of the UK’s Industry Strategy  Our highly successful Doctoral Training Programme includes a course of taught modules designed to equip you with the skills you need as a professional researcher.

We are seeking high quality and enthusiastic  candidates to enrol on our MSc by Research programmes in AI and RAS. Information about how to apply can be found here.

The MSc by Research degree runs for one year full time or two years part time and allows students to critically investigate and evaluate an approved topic and combine the equivalent of up to one semester’s taught programme (focusing on research training) with a major research project. As with other research degrees, they are examined by thesis and viva.

Possible topics for MSc by Research include but are not restricted to the following

  • Ethical Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous moral machines (robots with moral competence)
  • Social Robotics
  • Machine Learning

Take a look at the university’s research brochure.

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