Cognitive Robotics Research Group

The membership of the Cognitive Robotics Research Group is formed by Faculty staff and postgraduate researchers from the  School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at Oxford Brookes University.



Professor Nigel Crook

Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Exchange and Head of the Cognitive Robotics Research Group

Nigel Crook is Professor of AI and Robotics. His research interests include social robotics, ethical AI and biologically inspired machine learning. His work includes the investigation and modelling of nonlinear dynamics in neural circuits, the creation of bio-inspired humanoid robots, and most recently, the development of AI systems with moral competence.

Professor Fabio Cuzzolin

Director of the Visual Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Fabio Cuzzolin is Professor of Artificial Intelligence. His research interests are in uncertainty theory and belief functions theory. He has worked extensively on the mathematical foundations of belief calculus. Fabio’s main contribution is his geometric approach to uncertainty measures, in which uncertainty measures are represented as points of a Cartesian space and there analyzed.

Dr Matthias Rolf

Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Computer Science

Matthias Rolf is a Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Computer Science. His areas of expertise include robotics, machine learning, software engineering, cognitive science and developmental robotics

Dr Tjeerd olde Scheper

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Tjeerd olde Scheper is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science. His research interests are in Dynamic Systems. He is particularly interested in the manner of which Biological Systems resolve problems in dynamics with a view to applying these concepts to Engineering, Medical and Biosystems problems.

Postgraduate Researchers


Mohamed Idries


Karl R. Kjelstrup-Johnson


Rebecca Raper